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The Myths And Facts About Cleaning Windows In The Rain

MYTH: Having your windows cleaned in the rain is a waste of time and money.

FACT: When last were your windows cleaned? Last month? Two months ago? 3 months? 6 months? Can't even remember??

When the window cleaner visits he is literally scrubbing off weeks (maybe months or years!!) worth of dirt. It is frankly impossible for the rain (which is practically pure water) to make your windows dirtier than before they had a clean.

What the rain does do is splash on the windows and move the dirt that is already on them about, which is why they look awful after the rain. Shouldn't that be reason enough to let the window cleaner get on with his job and leave you with CLEAN windows?

Trust me: It's not pleasant for anybody to work in the rain! And if we could take pyjama days every time it rained - we would ;)

ps: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - whether it's raining or not.

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