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Can I reschedule my window clean?

Q: "I don't want my windows cleaned tomorrow. Can you come back next week instead?"

A: Possibly.... but highly unlikely.

While we do our utmost to be accommodating of customer requests it is often quite impractical to return on another day out of synch with our schedules. You may well "only be around the corner" but each operative has a daily work list that is route optimised and based on a pre-agreed frequency**

** When you cancel a scheduled clean we actually find ourselves out of pocket. The operative who has been assigned your job will get paid regardless of whether your clean went ahead or not.

In addition, it is not efficient to be in your neighbourhood (or even on your street) and miss you out, only to come back on a different day when all our other jobs are likely many miles away. It is also unfair to the other customers (who would've been scheduled for the new day you are requesting), and impractical to reshuffle entire schedules.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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