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Streakwise are polite, friendly, and efficient.  It is worth paying more to get the pleasant and friendly service you offer....

Thank you for the {gutter and fascia} clean which looks awesome & highlights that our neighbours need your service...

Thank you for the super job you do at our home. It saves me having to find the time to clean the windows myself and since I...

Streakwise always do a brilliant and professional job!

Just want to say what a FAB job Brendan did on my windows! Lovely guy and really thorough. Thanks so much.

Streakwise is EXCELLENT!  Our cleaner is courteous, articulate, polite and does a brilliant job every time.  Thank...

I highly recommend Streakwise as a professional company who give the client an experience worth repeating. The company is well...

I highly recommend Streakwise as a professional company who give the client an experience worth repeating. The company is well...

Thank you for the excellent builder’s clean completed on our behalf. The client and I are very happy with the results...

Thank you for removing all the moss from my roof. Great service and very competitively priced.

Great window cleaning service from Streakwise. Reasonably priced and good customer service. Try them out!

Our outside windows are cleaned every six weeks by Streakwise. I like the fact that they use treated water that dries away without...

I swear the house is brighter inside since Streakwise have done my windows, probably because I can actually see out!

We were recommended to Streakwise after using another local company who were unsatisfactory. We have been very pleased since...

Streakwise have been cleaning my windows for almost four years now and have always done a spiffing job. We recently moved house...

So, all window cleaners are the same, right? Wrong! Having used Streakwise for a few years now it has been refreshing to have...

It’s nice to have tradesmen with customer service skills! Thank you Streakwise.

If you’re in the Basingstoke area and need your windows cleaned you MUST use Streakwise. Excellent service for sparkly...

I couldn’t be more delighted with the window cleaning from Streakwise.

Excellent job done. My gutters and windows are all clean. These guys really do deliver what they promise!

Streakwise do such an amazing job. Such a friendly team and our windows look fab!

I can see outside since Streakwise have been cleaning my windows! Great job, thank you.

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Patio cleaning services

Streakwise Patio Cleaning Services

Whether you have top of the range wood decking or simple concrete paving all will benefit from regular maintenance. Not just to keep it looking clean but also to keep it in good condition. Lack of maintenance on the other hand will cause it to deteriorate, and diminish your kerb-side appeal.

Things like:

  • Moss
  • Algae
  • Lichen
  • Tyre marks
  • Oil spills

All these detract from the beauty of your home and your ability to enjoy spending time in your outdoor areas. Some can even be downright dangerous in the right (or is it wrong?) circumstances.

For example, moss and algae: The summer sun will bake it on making it much harder to remove later, even causing staining and permanent marking. In winter the snow and ice makes it exceptionally treacherous underfoot, and, well, we have the lovely wet British climate that encourages moss and algae to grow but also means year-round slip-hazards!

Additionally, Lichen (ever heard of that?) forms when fungus and algae aren’t regularly cleaned away, and once it has been allowed to take root no amount of pressure washing will get rid of it. Only strong chemical etching, with its own associated risks. Regular maintenance is the only way to prevent the formation of lichen in the first place.

Don't worry though, the days of your having to be out there on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush in one hand and bucket of soapy water beside you are gone!

We use our specialist power-washing equipment to bring new life to your tired, dirty, mossy, or otherwise yucky paving, patio flooring, wooden decking, tiles and concrete. No aggressive pressure washing or dangerous chemicals either!

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